Our Fearless Act

What is the most Fearless Act you have done, or are doing with your life?
The Art of Fearless Living is about asking difficult questions. More importantly, the right questions. About ourselves. It is not meant to be comfortable and nice. We may not even enjoy it. Most often than not, we won’t enjoy. But they are absolutely necessary if we wish to GROW and DEVELOP into our greater selves.

Poem: Note to Self

Sometimes you mustn't forget who you are. The self within you. The truest of you. Not your mother-self. The harried, headless chicken, Who multitasks and sometimes crumbles under the pies she bakes, Or the many crosses checked on her multicoloured organiser, Organising selves of others except hers, Hiding in the bathroom, Sighing in relief, Brimming with love. Not the wife-self who is too knackered sometimes To ...

The Body Revolution: The Relationship We Have With Our Bodies

The Body Revolution is really about the rather "tumultuous" relationship I have with my body over the years. If you had read my earlier posts, "Unveil Your Inner Goddess", and "To The Beautiful You" you might have a good idea of what I mean. In truth, the love-hate relationship I had with my body is not unique. ...

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