Our Fearless Act

What is the most Fearless Act you have done, or are doing with your life?
The Art of Fearless Living is about asking difficult questions. More importantly, the right questions. About ourselves. It is not meant to be comfortable and nice. We may not even enjoy it. Most often than not, we won’t enjoy. But they are absolutely necessary if we wish to GROW and DEVELOP into our greater selves.


It all began when a dear Singaporean friend told me about a man with white hair who builds houses for the poor and is turning every slum in the Philippines into a middle class community, and that his NGO is the only platform that unites the rich and the poor, competing brands and businesses, and even rival politicians.

My Fearless Valentine Wish

I remember when I was much younger (let's not make me count backwards here), Valentine's Day was like a HUGE deal for me. It was my absolute favourite day after Chinese New Year and Christmas. Yes, we Asians value Chinese New Year (CNY) more than Christmas. Because during CNY, we get $$$ that comes in red ...

Personal Christmas Message for 2012

Over the past few years, I have literally dropped out of the social and professional radar. Those who knew me thought that they had lost me, and those who were with me thought I had abandoned them. In every situation, there was no pleasing everyone. Disappointments were rife, and each dispensed their own judgement on me. ...

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