Poem: The Last Goodbye

Their fingers touched As they sat apart In St. James's Park As the birds flew above Their silence stowed Throes of  unutterable desires His finger caressed Her naked hand Laid bare solely for him Every touch masks A flurry of  kisses And timeless embraces Each stroke ignites A million waves Burning through their veins Magnifying their passion Intensifying this occasion This time tomorrow She will become  Another man's Bride.    

Poem: Seasons of Love

Powerless Against Ceaseless Movements Of Time Looking up At the Vastness Of the Sky Wishing You Were Right Here By My Side To savour This Summer of Love As each wave washes To the shore Another day vanishes A week passes Into months Soon it will be Autumn As the leaves Fall And the trees Wither Like my waning Will Wintery winds Usher coldness Into our homes Freezing our hearts Burying our courage Under the snow The warmth Of our love Carved ...

Poem: Love and Moonlight

On days when bravery Grows a little weary I dream of a love That's kind and sweet Warming me like a glove Savouring me like a treat. My old wounds Come undone Emptying its breath so delicately On tarnished battlegrounds. As the night drips Into a long dark tunnel of wanting, For a fleeting moment Dreams are allowed - Of what could have been Or, what might come to be Haunting ...

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