Our Fearless Act

What is the most Fearless Act you have done, or are doing with your life?
The Art of Fearless Living is about asking difficult questions. More importantly, the right questions. About ourselves. It is not meant to be comfortable and nice. We may not even enjoy it. Most often than not, we won’t enjoy. But they are absolutely necessary if we wish to GROW and DEVELOP into our greater selves.

Becoming the Fearless Radical Optimist

They say I am fearless but crazy.  They tell me that I am making a huge mistake and I will live to regret it. Behind my back, they snicker and say that I am a reckless and irresponsible mother. That I am not only ruining my own life, but my daughter's as well. They cannot imagine WHY I would ...






Interview with Mike Grogan at BestofYouPH

Last month, I had the honour and pleasure to be interviewed by Mike Grogan of BestofYouPH in Manila. I was in the Philippines for my "Meet and Greet" with the selected Filipino Fans on 18th July 2015. It was an amazing special experience which I will share more about in another blog post. Because it warrants its ...

Fearless First Video blog

My dear fearless friends and fans, I am delighted to present my first vblog (video blog) to all of you. This vblog features my thoughts on Christmas and the year to come, and personal insights. My special guest is none other than Ms. Jamie Khoo of Effortless Beauty fame! Jamie and I go way back. For one, we were both ...

Fearless Christmas Message 2014

The year is coming to a close. Soon, it will be 2015. Looking back on the year 2014, there have been many special highlights. However, one of the best for me occurred on 11th December to 14th December 2014. As some of you may know, I was actively involved with Gawad Kalinga (GK) from 2007 to 2009. ...

The Art of Living with Fear

My eyes closed as the wheels began to move the plane backward. I focused on my breath. “What are you afraid of?” I said to myself, “You have been to more dangerous countries. Not to mention, people have made this same trek to lands unknown without your giant travel guide! Chill, darling.” This was the scariest ...

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