Poetry Erotica No.11: GODDESS OF DESIRE

  Can you hear the crackling of the whip? It'll soon lick your flesh like a lollipop Your body seethes like drops of fire All Hail the Goddess of Desire    Oh no, you don't get to touch It is SHE whose touch You'll yearn and lust When you kneel before Her glimmering latex strut Now, sit as you're told Hands behind your back Feel the metal ...

Poetry Erotica No.8: Temple of Desire

  Undress me With your eyes Caress me With your breath Let your gaze Linger on Every inch of my body As you enrapture me With the brilliance Of your mind   In our Temple of Desire We make daily offerings With our body, mind and spirit Red to enflame Blue to requite Purple to imbue   With every kiss We cleanse one another With every touch We purify each other Before the altar of Love We ...

Poetry Erotica No.7: Lyrical Desire

  The hours tick As every second bleeds Into the darkness thick And the music begins   His fingers strumming Along the white ivories Plucking every melody From the strings Of my clamoring heart  Drumming against Every vein of my desire Rubbing my clit afire    Every note Ignites each button Every key he touches My body torches   Breathlessness Sweeps over me  A burning mess Is all I’ve become   I want to feel Me Submerged Deep into His World   I ...

Poetry Erotica No.6: Waves of Desire

Into the Black Forest So luscious and deep You tormented me  So tenderly Tasting me With your probing tongue Awakening every orifice Of my desire Making my body ache To breathe your breath Your succulent mouth Leaves me breathless As our passions soar higher You plunged your hardness Into my veiled innocence Thrusting me so fervently Like crushing waves Rising and falling Our bodies smelling Like one another We dive deeper and deeper Into each other Until ...

Poetry Erotica No.4: Flavoured Desire

  There is nothing like Ben & Jerry’s Flowing between my legs Laced in rum and raisins All drunk with anticipation   With Cherry Garcia on the side Our buffet of desire Is laid all bare For our sweetest pleasure   Delicious whipped cream Spread generously over me Your roving tongue Claiming me like a tease   Take my breasts Into your mouth Feel the warmth Infused with the cold My love, you hold The licence ...

Poetry Erotica No.2: Wings of Desire

  On the wings of desire We fly far and deep Our flights of fantasy Know no boundaries Strip the layers of sobriety Clasped so tightly Around my body Untie the knots Where tradition Had caged me Feel the tapestry Unravel Beneath my skin As my body burns For your every touch This is no time To be shy or coy Unfold me With your hands Trace me With your tongue From my lips To my navel Lick every ...

Poetry Erotica No.1: The Fifty Shades of Desire

Cover my eyes

With the silky red satin

Let my every being

Embrace the darkness

Strap my hands

To the cold hard steel

Let me feel

The chill dance across

My naked skin

Let the smell of leather

Consume all my senses

As I surrender

To all of your demeanors

Probing me

With your luscious tongue

Tasting me

With your ravenous mouth

Hear the crack

Of the tender whip

Searing its mark

On my yearning flesh

Every slash burns

Every touch sizzles

Master becomes servant

Servant becomes Mistress

Roles interchanged and teased


Exquisite torments

Mate with

Painful pleasures


Every shade of our desire.

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