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We take flights To Places Exotic and Far We travel Everywhere Just to get away Our desires and sensory pursuits CONSUME All of our senses Like a tired old song That refuses to end We can run But we can never hide Because there is no escape From an INFLICTED MIND An unstable mind Is the most dangerous weapon of all It kills you slowly like a song It drains you without drawing ...

Homage to the Adamantine Garnet Goddess: VY

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Here begins my love affair with the most beautiful but ferocious uber VAMP... She walks in flames of ruby red fire, Like the sun bursting in volcanic lava, Her orange vermillion hair Drapes her luscious neck, Like the consummation of passion & desire. Her eyes emit lightning darts Crushing your ego, Her lips part just enough To swallow your ignorance whole, The more you yearn The ...

The Vomit of Society

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Yes, that is the name I gave the old Shirley before I smashed her head into pieces and buried her under a bed of white daisies. I placed a tombstone out of respect and carved the words, "Here lies Redgrave". Her funeral was simple and elegant - something she would not have approved. But she is not around to ...

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