On days we feel like scorched earth, Like corroded rust or trampled dirt, All we have to do is turn our faces, Toward the gentle breeze, And be sprinkled into the four directions, Be swept away by the wind’s tender breath. We are made holy Through this burning, Like a phoenix rising from it ashes To become more powerful Than it ever thought possible. The scorching ...

How to Love and Stay in Love

So, I write about many things. Especially about love, intimacy and relationships. In the process, people write to me and ask for advice. Therefore, I would like to share what I have come to understand about love. Here, I am not talking about that crazy blind love, but a richly passionate, deeply meaningful and fulfilling kind ...

Poem: Note to Self

Sometimes you mustn't forget who you are. The self within you. The truest of you. Not your mother-self. The harried, headless chicken, Who multitasks and sometimes crumbles under the pies she bakes, Or the many crosses checked on her multicoloured organiser, Organising selves of others except hers, Hiding in the bathroom, Sighing in relief, Brimming with love. Not the wife-self who is too knackered sometimes To ...

Poem: You are your Masterpiece

And so, this is the sum of our lives Stained from rust of pain, hate and loss Not exempted from sin or the cross We floss away the plaque From our arteries, teeth, and bones Only to find them defiling Our hearts, souls and minds. We leave pieces of ourselves Scattered at every milestone In our life's trying journey Sometimes losing ourselves in a blurry. Nothing ...







The Courage to Love the Broken

Courage means different things to different people. For some, it takes courage to just get out of bed and face the day. For others, it is about breaking another barrier or limiting belief in themselves. To me, nothing demands more courage than opening my heart to love and allowing someone else in. That is the scariest thing to me. Because ...

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