The Moment I Fell In Love

In the past, I have always confused love with attachment. I was always seeking something in return from my object of desire. I needed constant affirmations from the person I adored. In fact, I was running on empty and was searching to be filled up from someone else. I did not realise that attachment is more about fear and dependency. Attachment is more about self-preservation and self-gratification. This was why most relationships fall apart. People feed off on one another, instead of nurturing each other.

How to Love and Stay in Love

So, I write about many things. Especially about love, intimacy and relationships. In the process, people write to me and ask for advice. Therefore, I would like to share what I have come to understand about love. Here, I am not talking about that crazy blind love, but a richly passionate, deeply meaningful and fulfilling kind ...







The Courage to Love the Broken

Courage means different things to different people. For some, it takes courage to just get out of bed and face the day. For others, it is about breaking another barrier or limiting belief in themselves. To me, nothing demands more courage than opening my heart to love and allowing someone else in. That is the scariest thing to me. Because ...

Poem: Blind Date, Take Two

JANE'S STORY Sheepishly saying no, Silently saying yes. Maybe I should go, He might pass the test. His name was Joe, Showed up in his Sunday best. A striking polka dot bow, Combined with a yellow vest. Superficial? Me? No! Neither am I blind. Yes? Fine, I'll let the outfit go, But dude keeps staring at my breasts! Sheepishly saying ...

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