Poem: The Delicate Heart

We fear our emotions will lead us to our undoing.
It’s been proven numerous times how we shouldn’t trust our feelings.
Now, it has become a fact by default.

Wounds that won’t close until we learn only make us more distrustful.
Like a bad dream that keeps haunting us, we’ve grown cynical about Love.
This is the only way to protect our delicate heart.

We fear false starts; falling too fast, too hard.
We fear there’s no future in the stars.
We fear being betrayed and be made the fool.

The reward for our faith was pain and suffering.
This is all we remember and hang onto.
Like a nightmare that won’t end even when we are wide awake.

We are hostages of our nostalgia and victims of past trauma.
Long after the scars have healed, our wounds still hurt within.
Breathing in and out each day, calling it living.

Loneliness has become a bearable companion, like misery.
We tell ourselves there is no love.
Waiting for the words to sink into our bones and convince the soul.

But really, we are waiting for someone to prove us wrong….


Being Afraid Is Human, But Staying Afraid Is A Choice.

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