How Getting Stuff Done Today Impacts Your Future

One of the toughest lessons I had to learn in life is getting shit done even when I don’t feel like it. If I had given into every moment when “I don’t feel like it”, or “when I feel sad”, or “I feel unmotivated” – I don’t think I would have gotten out of bed at all.

To be honest, I was a very lazy person. In some ways, I still am.

I liked nothing more than to stay in bed all day with my favourite book or movie, and all my most desired snacks laid out around me. That was my idea of luxury.

To illustrate just how much I loved staying in bed – I would get most annoyed whenever I had to get up from bed to go to the bathroom and pee. There were times when I had actually contemplated on wearing adult diapers just so I did not have to get out of bed. Imagine that. Actually, please don’t imagine that.

Now, if I have stayed in bed all day and did the things only I enjoyed doing, nothing will ever get done. Not even this blog post. I would not be getting up at 6:30am on weekdays to see my daughter off to school. I would not be cleaning up the home, or cook, or be bothered to write. I would not care to check the stuff we have at home and see if we need to re-stock with groceries, toiletries and other essentials. What more – I would not be kicking myself in the ass to get healthy and exercise three times a week. Here, please allow me to emphasize just how much I DETEST exercise – I rather wear my work-out attire, and eat a pint of vanilla ice cream in the gym.

So, why do the things I rather not do, and even dislike every single day of the week?

Because it is about getting shit done. 

I learnt the hard way that emotions and moods come and go. BUT results and consequences – they stay around for a very long time. And we have to experience them  – good or bad.

Although all of us have the freewill to choose whatever we want to do with ourselves and our lives, we can never escape the results and consequences.

Results and consequences reflect the choices we’ve made.

It took a while to figure out, but I discovered that my laziness was actually fear in disguise.

I was always afraid of failing, or making mistakes that would end up too costly for me to bear. And even if I did perform well (by some miracle), I hated the fact that people would then expect me to maintain that “level of performance”. I thought that I would end up disappointing everyone in the most horrible way, because consistency was not my forte. Hence, I resigned myself to doing nothing or very little. In that way, no one would expect anything much from me. I even called myself, “the most un-accomplished person in the world” with a certain pride. As if that admission itself would become my “blanket waiver”, and I would be excused from every flaw or mistake.

Laziness became my justification for not trying.

It provided me with the perfect excuse to quit even before I started. For many years, I lived in that fallacy. I thought I was in total control of my life, doing whatever I liked, whenever I wanted. It did not occur to me that I was completely and utterly reckless. While I was cowering behind the facade of fear, I was giving up control of my life.

If realization did not strike enough sense into me, the results and consequences certainly delivered the punches. Hard and strong.

It did not take too long before things came crashing down on me. There were too many unfinished businesses, shattered promises, mountains of mess begging to be cleaned up, and even my body was breaking down.

I could not escape the results and consequences of my actions – or rather, inaction. It was like karma coming back to bite me in the ass! So, I had to own up – whether I liked it or not.

In order for things to change, I had to change.

There was simply no other option. If I wanted my present and future to be different, I had to transform. If I wanted the results and consequences to be better, then I had to do much better. So, I began by making very different choices every single day.

This is why I get up early. It gives me more time to get things done. I read emails, articles, blog posts, spend time with families and friends, and etc. I keep my home wonderful and clean so that my daughter and I can enjoy living in it comfortably. I take time to write, learn, read up and even engaged the writing coachJULIE GRAY, to help me. Because I really do want to improve on my writing. And in order to become healthy and fit, I exercise. Because when climbing a flight of stairs made me “hyperventilate”, it was no longer funny.

At the end of each day, I sleep far better than I ever did because I got shit done.

It took me exactly 565 days to get here – where I am finally happy with myself.

The first 2 weeks were the hardest. But once I was able to pull through for 28 days in a row, a new habit began to take root. With time and consistency, it became easier. Better habits started replacing the unhealthy ones. For example, exercise was the last thing to kick in. I only started exercising last month. Yes, I left the one I disliked the most for last. I dreaded going to the gym at first. But eventually, I got stronger and fitter. When I experienced the results for myself, I was motivated to continue. Before too long a new cycle began to breathe through me, and my life began to change.

This blog was started more than a year ago today. It began as a way of disciplining myself to write daily.

In the beginning, I found it to be a real pain. There were times when I wasn’t in the right mood to write. There were days when I cursed at my laptop and felt like giving up. Not to mention the moments when I sat and stared at the screen for hours but nothing came forth. With time and persistence, I began to appreciate the writing process and fell in love with words all over again.

Now, my writing has become my way of life. It is no longer just another hobby. It is something I look forward to with delight.

My life changed because my attitude changed.

I decided that I wanted to be better than the person I was.

I wanted to see how far I could go without fear holding me back.

Then I committed myself to realising that goal.

Every single day I reinforce the healthy habits by doing things that would lead me closer to my goals.

Although there is still a lot of work to be done and deeper fears will be unearthed, I am not giving up. For once in my life, I am passionately consistent.

So, don’t let your fears hold you back.

Because we are greater than our fears, mood swings and transient emotions.

Don’t listen to the lies that fear tells, or be fooled by the various masks it wears.

Find out what’s the root cause of your inaction or issues, and own up. 

Don’t just wait until you feel like it to do what you must do.

Do it because it is who you are, or who you want to be.

Do it because it is the right thing to do.

Above all, do it because it adds value to your life, your work and your entire being.

As Robin Sharma said, “Lean into your fears and commit.”


Commit to your greatest potential.

Commit to your highest dreams.

Replace the unhealthy habits with the ones which will help you achieve your goals.

Do all the stuff you need to do NOW so that your FUTURE SELF will thank you for them.

Repeat until a new cycle is formed.

Then you will truly enjoy the positive results of your labour.

Being Afraid Is Human, But Staying Afraid Is A Choice.

  • mihrank
    November 24, 2014

    great and detailed post!

  • ramblingsfromamum
    November 24, 2014

    At times life is so overwhelming, that hiding in bed seems the safest and easiest option. Taking control of our feelings, putting our can’t do’s away is very important. Makes us feel worthy, let’s us get on top of the shit that we try and get out of and when we do them, yes we feel more empowered and satisfied. Excellent Shirley, never give up.

    • shirleymaya
      November 24, 2014

      Thank you for popping by and sharing, Jen. I feel sure you know what I mean with this post. You are right – I used to think that hiding under the covers was easy and safe. However, I learnt that it was the further thing from safe. It was just lazy and easy but not safe at all. We do feel more empowered and fulfilled when we achieve something – even the simplest task. With each small achievement, our confidence will grow. Soon, we’ll be taking on the bigger challenges that we would never imagine possible in the past. Thanks again, Jen. Big Hugs x

  • scottishmomus
    November 25, 2014

    I needed this post right now, Shirley. Impetus to garner the energy needed for the home stretch.x

    • shirleymaya
      November 28, 2014

      So glad you finished your novel, SS. So very proud of you. From the bits I read, I am loving it already. Can’t wait to be “awakened”! Hugs and love x

  • dougstuber
    November 25, 2014

    This one applies to everyone. Not much writing does. NIce work

    • shirleymaya
      November 28, 2014

      Thanks, Doug. Appreciate your kind words very much. 🙂

  • kdavisfanclub
    November 26, 2014

    you re a treasure, m’lady, best wishes from baldy 🙂

    • shirleymaya
      November 28, 2014

      Aww…very kind of you to say so, Baldy. Hope all is well with you. Much care 🙂