Living by Fearless Faith

Faith is a prickly subject these days. Especially when we witness so many ghastly examples of faith being “unleashed” throughout the world. In fact, faith can even be killing.

Although I subscribe to Buddhism, I do not believe that everyone must be Buddhists. Nor do I believe that Buddhism is the only right faith. 

Everyone deserves the prerogative to find out what works for them, and what is right for them. Because it is really about becoming a better person, and not worse.

Hence, whatever faith we each subscribe to – it should help us become a better human being in every way. Or else, what would be the point of following that faith? Why should we then?

I know of so many different friends of various faiths, and they are wonderful representations of their faith.

They are not discriminative. They do not incite hatred or violence.

They promote peace, harmony and love in their own unique way.

Their faith has helped them to be a better person, and it shows

This is what I call, Fearless Faith.

It is fearless because it is not afraid of being “corrupted”, or accidentally converted into something else.  

It is does not judge others.

It seeks to understand and not condemn.

It does not belittle others in order to be appear stronger.

Strength comes from helping others without agenda, even those who do not share their beliefs.  

It does not look for reasons to separate or endanger humanity in whatever way or form.

Fearless Faith is about upholding one’s faith with dignity, while respecting others’ with grace. 

Their faith do not make them threats to the society.

They add value to their community just by being true to their faiths. 

If you really care to show how great your faith is, then please show how much you have evolved as a decent human being.

Please show through your daily speech, actions and thoughts. 

Fearless Faith is not about self-preservation at the expense of others. We cannot hope to achieve our own greatness when we condemn, belittle or oppress others’ greatness. Any faith that promotes the annihilation of other faiths is essentially advocating the art of egocentric living. 

Hence, there is no need for grand gestures, or moving sermons.

Everyone will be able to evaluate you and your faith through the way you treat your fellow human beings.

At the end of the day, this is how we all appraise one another – regardless of faith. 

Bad people, not bad religion

Being Afraid Is Human, But Staying Afraid Is A Choice.

  • mihrank
    October 13, 2014

    “Every word the right one and exactly where it should be. That’s basically the highest compliment I can give.” I adore your page:)

    • shirleymaya
      October 27, 2014

      Thank you so much! Your kind supportive words are deeply appreciated 🙂

  • Ranting Crow
    October 13, 2014

    Those who hold a faith should not judge others but a faith should not judge you either.
    Okay that is very freely spoken. Faith is an interesting concept 😀 Great article either way.
    I hold no faith other than the rules or ways of living I think are best for mankind and me.
    Not to judge or try not to. And keeping the mind open to try and understand.
    Thank you for the smiles

    • shirleymaya
      October 27, 2014

      Faith comes in many forms. It does not need to be organised religion. It does not need to be instituionalised to be recognised, or sanctioned to be approved. It is all about human decency and compassion. These are universal and applies to every living creature. So, you are right to keep an open mind, to understand and not judge. That is already most humane. Thank you for always sharing your thoughts. I do appreciate greatly. 🙂

  • Arlen Shahverdyan
    October 15, 2014

    True words…

    • shirleymaya
      October 27, 2014

      Thank you, Arlen. Hope you have been well. 🙂