The Worst and Best of Humanity

The word, HUMANITY, means different things to different people. Even as we call ourselves the HUMAN RACE, we see very little of that HUMANITY flourishing among the HUMANS. It seems we rather allow things like religion, race, greed, gender, age and political agenda to cause greater divide within our humanity. Does the division really make us better humans, at the end of the day? Perhaps this is a question we should all think about deeply.  It is like what Eleanor Roosevelt asked, “When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it?” The cycle of revenge, hatred and violence never leads to anything beneficial or positive for all concerned. In fact, it spawns an absolute abomination to humanity. 

Humanity 4

Therefore, when we think of justice, social benefits and fairness – do they serve both sides or only one side?

The truth is, the well-being of humanity is all-inclusive and not just privy to some.

When we alienate one side to benefit the other, there will be grave consequences. And sometimes, these consequences will not be evident until much later. Sometimes, the ones made to pay for the consequences may not be us directly, even if we are the ones who caused them. Our loved ones may end up suffering for our actions or decisions. Again, I stress that marginalizing one or many will never produce any real positive results for the greater whole. In the end, everyone will suffer and pay a hefty price for it. 

So, how do we as individuals cultivate a higher sense of humanity?

We begin with ourselves – with our actions, speech and thoughts on a daily basis.

Humanity 5

We already know that we can’t control others, and may even feel that we can’t influence those around us. However, we can definitely work on ourselves. And when those around us witness the positive changes in us, they too will be inspired.

We inspire by ‘walking the talk’, and being less self-centred. We can work at it at our own pace and time, tackling a single bad habit or negativity within us one day at a time. Soon, we will see how much we have transformed. Our minds and hearts will be aligned with our values. Our moral compass and conscience become one. That’s when we know, we have become a better individual in spite of our failings, faults or weaknesses. We become glorious representations of humanity.

The time for us to act and do the right things will come. In fact, even in our everyday lives, there are ample opportunities for us to exercise a better choice, and do the right thing.

Often than not, our most severe test will occur when we have screwed up big time in something entrusted to us, one way or another.

Our fear of being ‘found out’ and bearing the so-called, ‘punishment’ or costs of the mistake made, will reveal exactly who we are, and what we are made of.

Most people will not hesitate to lie, hide, cover-up or assign the blame to someone else, even though they know that they are solely responsible for the damage caused.

Their fear or misguided ego blinds them from doing what’s morally right. So, they rather lie, cheat, betray, create other stories and hide the truth. Or worse, watch some innocent person(s) take the fall.

This is the extent of their cowardice.

Here, I would like to share a video of a young man who learnt the meaning of fearlessness by doing what is right, despite of his own fears. The gravity of his mistake made him realise how he should not find an ‘escape’ clause, but rather face the wrong he did. 

I chose this video because it exemplifies the worst and best of humanity in one individual.

It is never easy ‘coming clean’, but do we really want to live a life of lies and betrayal?

As I have mentioned earlier, everything we say and do will create its own series of consequences. Whether the consequences are positive, negative or beneficial to all, they will be revealed in time.

Hence, I admire this young’s man courage to do what some people will not. Some people are only interested in saving themselves at the expense of others. This does not only apply to drinking and driving. This applies to every aspect of our lives. 

When our actions and speech reflect humanity, it shows. And when our actions and speech detract from humanity, there’ll only be ‘victims’ to show. 

As always, results speak for themselves. 

When it is negative, we have to pay the price. When it is positive, we win. When it is beneficial to all, everyone wins.

When we value our lives more than others, we begin to think that we deserve more and should ‘get away with murder’. We feel entitled, and have no regard for how others may suffer.

When we understand that all of humanity are the same, and that every human life is just as valuable, then we will find the courage to carry out what’s right – not only for ourselves, but also for others.

So, there is no need to grieve for those who choose not to participate, they make their own choices and they will have to live with them. There is no need to be upset, disheartened or disillusioned by those who betray humanity, because they will suffer the consequences which they have engineered for themselves. Their ‘karma’ will catch up with them, eventually. 

Humanity 3

Always remember, never allow someone’s negativity to ruin our day, or life. And especially, our point of view.

Do not allow a few rotten ‘apples” to discredit the whole ‘apple cart’.

We are all beautiful representations of humanity. So, keep the faith and open the ‘eye of our mind’. Expand our perspective of life, people and even love. When we understand more, we see much deeper. Even our hearts will grow stronger and bigger because of it.

We will see ourselves becoming less self-serving, judgemental and rigid.

We will become respectful, compassionate and wiser, because we realise that we are all connected in this great tapestry of life. And our humanity is the very thread that holds everything together.

I shall leave you all with this uplifting video.

May it truly inspire all of us to be humane individuals 🙂

So, every day, we have a choice – to act in accordance with humanity, or to depart from humanity.

The choice is yours to make, and the consequences will be yours to experience. 

As always, start your own brand of fearless living and love the life you live.

Peace 🙂


Being Afraid Is Human, But Staying Afraid Is A Choice.

  • Jamie
    September 9, 2013

    Sometimes, I think the brave and selfless acts of animals speak far more of compassion and wisdom than the atrocities that humans commit… It’s an odd phrase, “humanity” – it seems to imply that only humans are capable of “higher” acts of justice and kindness. We speak of “humane” behaviour to refer to acts of kindness, grace, forgiveness, as if it is something particular only to humans… when really, I think that animals are often far more forgiving, generous and and mindful than we are!

    • shirleymaya
      September 9, 2013

      I was just commenting something of those lines in another site, and another commentator replied to me, highlighting all the animal species that kill savagely. Such as “Cats play with mice before they kill them. And orca play with seals before they eat them.” It’s funny how some people will not highlight the good and will only pick on the worst as valid examples.

  • John Flano
    September 9, 2013

    For me humanity is just giving all people equal respect and dignity on a day to day walk through life. Treating each other with respect and being civil with all regardless of our beliefs ……try to understand others and always lend a helping hand when and where I can. Try to lift others up when you can. I like to love unconditionally.
    Both Videos here are very Powerful. “I Killed a man” is the ultimate in accountability. I for one stopped drinking altogether over 6 years ago so I would NEVER slip up and injure someone or take someones life away. I am Proud of that Young man in the Video for stepping up and not taking an escape from his accountability. Bottom line from his video is pretty simple in a heavy tragic way…Don’t drink and drive. Do not create a Victim. The wheelchair Video to me is about Love and support. Shirley, I thank you for all of your work here…for your Love and your gift to all who read your work.

    • shirleymaya
      September 10, 2013

      John, thanks for sharing your comments. I am very glad to see you here. Love your brand of fearless living as well. I think even at our worst mistake, we can still allow our humanity to shine through. And that is what makes us amazing humane individuals. When we give in to our cowardice or lesser human traits, we fall into the pits of darkness. And some people don’t ever come out of it. I like the message of “Don’t create Victims” very much. If we can stay true to that as much as possible, we would create less harm to one another and even to the world. Peace 🙂

  • Woucahu Chin
    September 10, 2013

    Humans have been killing one another from time immemorial, even when human population was much smaller. As the population grows, one can expect the following bleak scenarios on humanity:

    1. More killings among humans as they scramble for scarcer earth resources.
    2. More havoc wreaked on Mother Nature as humans seek to replenish dwindling earth resources.
    3. Frequent occurrence of natural disasters as a result of human activities above.
    4. More likelihood of religious and political fanatics acquring and unleashing waepons of mass destruction for their peverted ends.

    With the advance of technology, a few dirty drops are enough to contaminate the ocean called humanity.

    • shirleymaya
      September 10, 2013

      Hi Wouchau,

      It is very nice to see you commenting here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Everything you listed above is correct. And yet, since the beginning of time, humans have also helped one another and made it possible for those less fortunate to gain equality and dignity on this earth. Some even fight for environmental causes, while others focus on helping animals. Our real progress can also be measured by the great things that selfless individuals and groups have done. That’s how women won their right to vote, own property, and become recognised beyond a mere housewife. That’s why we have laws to protect the environment, over-fishing and more recently, the LGBT community can finally get married legally. These are just some of the many great deeds of humanity. For without any of them, we might still be living in the Dark Ages.
      Though there are always going to be those who contaminate or cause massive damage, but humanity always triumph in the end. This is how we get to where we are now. The advance of technology can and has been used for immense good as well. FB and Twitter, even youtube have been used to document events previously imppossible to gather. Technology and everything else, can be used for good as well as evil. It is really up to the individuals and entities concerned. But rest assured, in this brave new era, no one will “get away with murder”.
      So, although humanity has still much to learn in order to fulfill its own great potential, we as individuals can contribute and make a difference one act at a time, or one person at a time. After all, all great things were brought about by a handful of people who never quit. Peace, my friend 🙂

  • mcfcwolf
    March 21, 2014

    I dig it .