Malaysia 50 at The B-Side

My first article for the interactive tablet Malaysian magazine, The B-Side, is now live!

The B-Side is an interactive tablet magazine on culture, lifestyle, politics available for free on iPad and Android tablets. It features videos, music, soundbites, graphics and photography that work in concert with the power of the written word.

The B-Side attempts to capture something of being human from a Malaysian perspective, so you can look forward, Beyond Frivolous Matters, to where the really fun mishmash lives. Recommended for fellow travellers of all persuasions looking for a sense of provenance that’s of the country, yet cosmopolitan. Here, there and everywhere.  

What The B-Side aspires to do is to provide “sexy ideas for a better Malaysia”.

To be honest, that’s what attracted me to write for them…that, and the fact that they have an awesome Editor, Jason Tan.

My article is basically an interview with the effervescent, Cindy Gallop. Some of you will probably remember Cindy from my last interview with her for this blog at “No Holds Barred.”

Cindy Gallop

For The B-Side, Cindy shared her Malaysian upbringing, and how her parents’ mixed marriage has moulded her into the person she is today. Her mother is Malaysian Chinese and her father is English. More importantly, she shared her views on Malaysia as she crosses her 50th milestone. Malaysia will celebrate her 50th “birthday” on September 16th 2013 and has just recently commemorated her 56th Independence Day on 31st August 2013.

It is always a pleasure to speak with Cindy. She is definitely a “Game Changer” and has no qualms of disrupting the world order just to make it better for the greater whole.


Please check out the interview at The B-Side. Here are the links: or Apple’s App Store or Google Play
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  • Jacob Mathews
    January 14, 2014

    The need to overcome the mindset. It is mountain that needs to removed. The fear of sexual encounters a taboo.?

    • shirleymaya
      January 14, 2014

      Not so much the fear of sexual encounter – the fear of better sexual awareness, sex education and sexually informed society. That would make all the difference in the world 🙂