In Deep Repose: Fine Tuning My Life

My last blog post was on 5th August. It has been 17 days, if anyone has been counting.

I have been re-defining, taking stock and fine-tuning my thoughts, my work and my purpose. 

Yes, the blog and my FB Fan Page are very much part of my work. They are also part of my every day life. Believe it or not.

We are who we are

I have hinted through my FB Fan Page and my Twitter that I have been re-vamping my blog and its direction. Hence, it has also led me to the path of questioning myself and how I really want to embark on this next chapter of my life. I know where I want need to go and the “how” requires much more than just sit in front of a computer/laptop to write.

As some may notice by now that I write about very personal things and some of it are not so easy to translate into words. As each of the events or even emotions unfold, sometimes, it is not even possible to articulate and express in any form. Hence, being in deep repose does not necessarily mean I take a break but I rest in meditation of going through what I truly need to address – it is about going deep within myself and asking very difficult questions of myself. 

Fearless Woman


I do not want to go back to the paths I had taken. I do not wish to turn back the clock, nor do I wish to be like everyone else. It is NOT because of arrogance or even ignorance that I say this. It is because I know my path is and will be different. Yes, it has been lonely at certain times. I shall not deny that. It does take a lot of courage to walk alone. But it is most necessary because the life I want to live is the life that is right for me. Also, I do enjoy discovering myself in places no one has ever been before. Because I see so much more of me than I could ever imagine. Here, please allow me to explain that my journeys have very little to do with the world outside of me. They are mostly “inner journeys” to becoming a better and stronger me. 

Fearless Living 

I do realise that it much easier said than done. And yes, it is scary to go deep within and face my inner demons. Yet to find that courage in spite of the fear, and to conquer that very demon is most gratifying to me. So much more rewarding than say, jumping off the plane to sky-dive and experiencing the “free fall”. Both are just as thrilling, but sky-diving does not train me to become fearless in the real sense that I need. Because I understand that when I do overcome a fear within, I am one step closer to being the true warrior within. My internal universe expands, as I have created more space by breaking boundaries. This is why I always say that it is all in the mind.  

Never give up


I will never give up my dream, and I will keep finding ways to becoming better while achieving my dream. But this shall all be done, according to my pace, in my own terms. Not dictated by someone else. I know, at this day and age of instant gratification, we are all in such a hurry to accomplish something, to prove ourselves, and make our own mark in this world. Some are just trying to make ends meet, they cannot even afford to dream. I am well aware that I am very blessed and have lived an enchanted life. I take nothing for granted, for everything can just change in a mere second.



For those like me, take heart that every pain and suffering will cease in time. Use that pain and suffering to nourish our courage and will. Let them shape our determination to becoming a better version of ourselves, and never be afraid of learning the truth. As even my words here and every post I have written are not original. Because the ideas and inspiration came from everything I have learnt, witnessed and experienced in life. Be it from a friend, a book, a picture I saw or even a gesture from a stranger. If our minds remain open, we can learn and be inspired everywhere we go, and anyone can become our teacher because there is always something new to learn – if we are willing, that is. 

My next chapter in life will be unveiled soon. 

As we go through life, I realise too that it is ok to pause and reflect. Sometimes, it is necessary to modify and fine tune, because we live in such dynamic times. So, obviously things and people would evolve vastly. I find that with every stage of my life, such deep repose marks an important milestone in my life. And I would continue to evaluate, re-define and fine-tune as much as I need to – without losing my purpose. 

As always, I thank every individual who took the time to read my posts. You make it worthwhile for me, to be honest.

And especially to those who take the time to share and comment, a very heartfelt thanks to each of you. I truly appreciate the sharing and comments because I learn just as much in return.

This beautiful exchange and dialogue we share in this space will always be one of the highlights of my life. For without such an invention, I could never have met so many people from various parts of the globe, and expand my vision of the world. 

I look forward to more sharing and exchanging with each and every one of you.

Be yourself


As always, be true to yourself. 

Start your own brand of fearless living and love the life you live.

May your journey be fulfilling and meaningful. Peace 🙂


Being Afraid Is Human, But Staying Afraid Is A Choice.

  • regino c. ambrocio
    August 23, 2013

    I’m one of your avid fans. I always read your post and I appreciate it much. But now I wondered what is your specific aim or journey of your life? Like for example “a simple and a happy family?” Or to be “enlightened one” like being a mystic. Maybe my question sound like silly, but if you may please I would like to know more about you personally, because as the time passed I admire you deeply. — Sincerely yours, your avid fan. 🙂

    • shirleymaya
      August 24, 2013

      Hi Regino, thanks for your comments and support. My aim in life has never changed, it is always guided by my spiritual core. What may change or be modified and fine-tuned is the HOW. If you stay tuned and keep following my post as you do so well, you will soon see and understand. In fact, I will soon offer the opportunity for my readers and followers to join me, if they so wish to 🙂

  • TracesoftheSoul
    August 24, 2013

    Those inner journeys are yours to explore and discover with love and in peace. I am so glad I found your site. You are an amazing woman. I AM proud to walk on my path as well…when I look at what I have to sacrifice if I “settle”…then I look at all that I really do have…I am very rich with an abundance of love around me. Namaste….hugs xx Oliana

    • shirleymaya
      August 24, 2013

      Oliana, it is always so lovely to hear from you. And I am sorry that you have not been well. I have found many kindred spirits such as yourself through the online world, funny enough. And I am indeed so proud that there are so many amazing men and women who refuse to “settle” as you rightly wrote, and have carved their own path with love and in peace. Thank you for your kind comments and sharing. Keep shining, dear friend 🙂

  • Jacob Mathews
    January 14, 2014

    A brave setting, as one moves forward the past fading. Never giving up as we stride with pride and victory in the heart.