Poem: Love and Moonlight


On days when bravery
Grows a little weary
I dream of a love
That’s kind and sweet
Warming me like a glove
Savouring me like a treat.

My old wounds
Come undone
Emptying its breath so delicately
On tarnished battlegrounds.

As the night drips
Into a long dark tunnel of wanting,
For a fleeting moment
Dreams are allowed –
Of what could have been
Or, what might come to be
Haunting imagery taunting me
They rise and vanish like mist.

Difficult to grasp
Too slippery to hold
Escaping through
The crevices of my heart,
Like the elusive radiant moonlight.

A voice in my head whispers gently –
There is no one here, Shirley,
Save you and the moonlight,
We dwell in the yearning
And the hope
Of what’s possible.

When the sun seeps through
And part the darkened skies,
Its brightness sheds light
Into the startling truth –
Impossible to ignore,
Hard to erase…

Flirting with fantasy is
But a transient dream.


Being Afraid Is Human, But Staying Afraid Is A Choice.

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