Is Your Government Like a Terrible Weekend Dad?

The Malaysian Elections are coming up soon – the 5th of May 2013 as I am told.

They say this election is going to be very interesting and the outcome may be surprising.

I use the word: “surprising” loosely here.

By now, I am certain every single Malaysian has his or her own idea of how they want to be governed and which “government” they would vote for. However, for those who are still sitting on the fence and are in doubt – I offer this thought-provoking article by Julie Gray.

Although she writes about her homeland, America, I sincerely think that some of it applies to our own homeland, Malaysia, as well, if not the world over.

Julie’s analogy of the government as a “dad” or father resonates with me, as a Malaysian citizen. Ever since our “fight and pursuit” of Independence, we as Malaysians have always referred to Tunku Abdul Rahman as our “collective father”. He was affectionately known as “Bapak Kemerdekaan” (Father of Independence) and “Bapak Malaysia” (Father of Malaysia).

Tunku Abdul Rahman was Malaysia’s first Prime Minister who took office on 31st August 1957 to 22nd September 1970. To this day, I recall the stories my father told me of how every Malaysian came together to work towards our Malaysian Independence with our “Bapak Malaysia”.

On 31st August 1957, every Malaysian (regardless of race) was truly united because it was our common cause for celebration. He told me how everyone he knew (himself included) went to Stadium Merdeka and shouted those very words: “Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!” (“Independence! Independence! Independence!”) with tears brimming in their eyes and hope burning in their hearts. In that very moment, every single Malaysian stood as ONE. Because those words actually carried weight and meaning in their hearts at that time.

In that very moment, all Malaysians across the country were proud to be Malaysians. They understood what that meant.

Unfortunately, it has been such a long time since we, as Malaysians, have felt that way or even behaved that way. That very moment has cindered into the pages of history books, or stories told like legends of our great past.

Our “Bapak Malaysia” has long since passed away, and along with him, we have buried our cherished ideals, our common decency, our shared dreams and vision.

Hence, this is why Julie’s article touched me. I have taken the liberty to post her article below –

The government in America is like a terrible weekend dad; absent much of the time, and a fan of pretty girls, self-serving half-truths, booze, porn, sports and, most of all, winners. Maybe you’ll fall through the cracks, maybe you won’t, but if you’re a good-looking winner or a spectacularly dramatic failure, you’ll get the attention you crave. There are no boundaries, no discipline, no sense of a collective right thing. Maybe I’m a dreamer, but I really think there used to be.

The Author

The Author: Julie Gray

The tenets of America — of freedom, equality and liberty — the right to pursue happiness, to flourish economically and the right to free speech and expression are an experiment that have elevated the United States to heights of courage, leadership and something like transcendence.

But something horrifying is happening in America and it seems to be gaining momentum. America, the light among nations, the great experiment, is beginning to crumble under its own weight. How can we pick up the torch of liberty and light but at the same time insist on decency and humanity — some basic rules of behavior?


I do believe that every Malaysian would like to see a real improvement in our country and not be fooled by any preferential policies which divide the nation in whatever way or form. Above all, I do not believe that Malaysians wish to see their own country degenerate any further when we hold a real potential for greatness.

Although our Malaysian “sins” and “shortcomings” may differ from the American’s, they undoubtedly damage the community as a whole. And this should no longer be denied or covered-up. We no longer want to be lied to, nor do we care to accept any lousy excuses. We demand the truth and only the truth.

It is pointless to hide behind the failures, appalling bad governance and corruption. Every Malaysian knows all the dirtiest secrets of every politician and then some! Hence, there is no need for pretense any longer. THAT SHIP HAS INDEED SAILED.

It’s time to come clean and get serious about ruling the country on behalf of the people. Because, it is the very Malaysian people who have the power to enthrone or dethrone the government. Hence, any party wishing to ascend into that throne should seriously be committed in serving the people as a whole.

The “father” we elect into government this coming May should be one who loves, protects and takes care of all his children to the best of his ability. And I do stress on the words: “ALL HIS CHILDREN”. This should and must be the commitment that he takes upon with integrity, responsibility and wisdom.

May the right “father” assume his rightful role. May he truly remember to serve the greater interests of his family which is the general Malaysian public and not just a selected group of his friends alone.

May he truly care about the fate of his own country as much as he would with his own child. He would understand that they are one and the same, because every Malaysian makes up the entire nation. The better each citizen becomes, the stronger the country becomes.

May Malaysians see the return of a truly just, strong and loving “Bapak Malaysia”. One whom every Malaysian can look up to and really respect.

May GOD, ALLAH, BUDDHA, LORD GANESHA and all the Divine Powers that be bless all of Malaysia, and all Malaysians.

Peace to all!

The Malaysian Flag

The Malaysian Flag

Being Afraid Is Human, But Staying Afraid Is A Choice.

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